This applied-service learning course uses spatial analysis to address applied environmental health problems in our local community. Grounded in theory from urban planning, environmental justice, and public health, students will work together on group projects in collaboration with officials
from local agencies and non-profit organizations. Example projects may include mapping health risks, analyzing greenspace accessibility, and mapping food deserts. Geographic Information Systems will be used as the organizing technology. Students will develop or expand skills in geospatial data development, spatial analysis, and map-based communication of results. Final projects will include technical reports submitted to stakeholders. No prerequisites. This course counts towards the Society Core Curriculum category, GEO and GIS minors, and as an elective towards the PHS major and minors. For students pursuing a BS in Environmental Studies, it counts as Policy, Planning, and Management; and for the BS in Environmental and Ecological Science, it counts as Social Science and Humanities.

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