In this course, students will study the principles of logic that permeate our contemporary world. For example, students will master the principles of Boolean logic that are central to search engines like Google. Students will also master the use of logical connectives (like: AND, OR, NOT, and IF. . .THEN), which are essential to the structure and flow of every piece of computer code. In this engaged learning course, students will explore the relationship between logic and the physical components of modern-day computers by building simple circuits using LEDs, switches, transistors, and logic chips. Furthermore, students will practice applying their knowledge on sample LSAT questions. Finally, this course will explore some of the issues that emerge when one takes logic itself as the focal point of philosophical inquiry. Many issues of language, thought, and reality are implicated in the structures of our logics. For example, we will discuss the implications of following the lead of quantum mechanics and adopting multi-valued logics? We will also explore whether it is possible to achieve true artificial intelligence via computational states and probabilistic logics? While this course is focused on the needs of Computer Science, Pre-law, and Philosophy students, it will certainly provide foundational skills to students in a wide array of majors and minors.

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