DPT 612 Clinical Seminar I

Series of four clinical skills laboratory courses throughout the DPT curriculum. Emphasis on enhancement of student’s generic abilities, interview skills, documentation, examination skills, intervention strategies, utilization of evidence based decision making model with justification for strategies, prioritize patient problems, and identify step-wise progression of patient with appropriate use of therapeutic exercises. Conduct laboratory sessions in mock clinical setting (to include broad spectrum of the continuum of care settings) where student must balance ethical dilemmas with payment limitations created by today health care systems. Provide opportunity for student to practice clinical problem solving in a supportive environment. Each course will build upon the skills from previous modules. Early seminar courses will present simple patient (client) cases; later courses will emphasize the complex patient. Student expected to justify choices and decisions about patient care in ‘grand rounds’ style. By the end of Seminar IV, student will demonstrate self-confidence in clinical skills and decision-making abilities. Goal is to prepare the student for the contemporary world of physical therapy. Student use of evidence based decision making to permeate the entire 36 month curriculum.


1 sh


DPT 612:  Unsatisfactory course grade—Remediation during the break between Modules II and III

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