DPT 617 Biomechanics and Management of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction II

The course combines the disciplines of biomechanics and patient/client management of neuromusculoskeletal disorders of the lower extremity: hip, knee, ankle and foot regions. Posture and gait are integrated for each region. The content will include joint biomechanics and functional anatomy (arthokinematics and osteokinematics motions) and common pathologies/classifications. Management of neuromusculoskeletal problems is presented within a clinical reasoning and evidence-informed framework as a systematic process that includes patient/client history, systems review, test and measures, physical therapy diagnosis, prognosis, intervention and patient outcomes. An analysis of total body movement as well as individual joints and soft tissue is utilized to assist understanding of biomechanics and neuromusculoskeletal management.


6 sh


Unsatisfactory course grade—No remediation; must repeat course in cycle. Re-enroll and retake course next year. WILL NOT CONTINUE IN THE CURRICULUM. WILL DELAY GRADUATION from the program.

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