DPT 705 Principles of Electrotherapeutic Examination and Intervention & Management of Integumentary Disorders

Basic concepts in electrical safety and instrumentation, detailed concepts and applications of electrotherapy introducing principles of electrophysiologic testing and therapeutic application of electrical stimulation (ES), including strengthening (NMES), re-education, pain reduction (TENS), tissue repair (ESTR) and iontophoresis. Electrophysiologic testing to include an introduction to electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction velocity (NCV) and other electrophysiological tests. 

Systematic, problem solving approach to integumentary disorders with emphasis on etiology, pathophysiology, examination techniques and approaches, clinical signs and symptoms, multidisciplinary considerations, and evidence-based treatment approaches. 


5 sh


Unsatisfactory course grade - Remediation before Module XIII (Internship). May delay DPT 805 Internship. May delay graduation from the program.

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