DPT 802 Principles of Administration and Management

Whether functioning as a staff employee or administrator in a hospital or health care agency or as an independent contractor in the private sector, the Doctor of Physical Therapy must be prepared to address issues associated with the practice of physical therapy as business enterprise within the U. S. health care system. Knowledge and skills associated with administrative and managerial aspects of professional PT practice will be essential for functioning as an effective employee, supervisor, or entrepreneur. This course is designed to teach fundamental administrative and managerial skills and knowledge essential for planning and operating a PT business practice or department. Possession of such skills and knowledge will enable graduates to more effectively engage in professional practice as cooperative, collaborative, and contributing employees or as effective and financially successful private practitioners.


4 sh


Unsatisfactory course grade - Remediation before Module XIII (Internship). May delay DPT 805 Internship. May delay graduation from the program.

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