The Master of Business Administration Program

To succeed in business today, modern managers need to be strong leaders, effective communicators and capable of managing in a globally competitive marketplace. They must be well versed in the core business disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, systems and strategy. They must know how to manage and work effectively in teams. Successful managers must recognize the ethical issues and social changes that impact both their organizations and their communities.

Offering the advantages of a full-time program in a part-time setting, the Elon MBA has a flexible schedule designed to fit the busy lives of working professionals. With a focus on personal growth, the MBA program enables students to acquire and master capabilities that can help them accelerate their careers and reach their professional goals.

To increase choice and flexibility, the Elon MBA also offers classes in RTP. Classes are held at The Solution Center, just off the Page Road exit on I-40. The full slate of the MBA courses is offered at this location, with a variety of elective courses offered as well, enabling a student to complete requirements for the MBA by taking all courses at the RTP location. These classes are offered as an addition to the existing program at the Elon location. If they wish, students will be able to take courses at either or both locations.

The MBA program allows students to complete the program at their own pace. Taking one course per semester allows you to finish the degree in 33 months, or, if you prefer, take two classes per semester and finish in 21 months. Accommodating the busy schedules of working professionals, the flexible design of the Elon MBA also allows for semesters off. You decide your own timetable. Students may take up to six years to complete the program.

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