This course studies the impact of basic biology in forensic studies. Students will learn forensic history, methodology and techniques, investigative and media reports. Students will evaluate and discuss various basic biological applications used in forensic investigations. Students will explore how decomposing tissues give valuable advice in forensic studies and reports. In addition, a comparison of terrestrial and aquatic forensic techniques will be discussed and evaluated. Students will use biology to complete written reports related to Mock Investigative Projects (MIP). This course also includes readings and documentaries of various Forensic Studies cases. Professionals within the area of Forensic Science will give students an opportunity to learn how biology has significantly contributed to the success of investigative reports.


4 sh


Open to students in the third or fourth year of study.

Course Types

Core Interdisciplinary Seminar


No credit toward the Biology major or minor. Counts toward the Criminal Justice Studies minor. This course is writing intensive.

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