Amidst the recent scandals among political and corporate leaders, a call has been made by academicians and practicioners alike to examine the authenticity of leaders. Authentic leadership considers the values, morals, and ethics by which an individual attempts to lead others. In addition to covering a sampling of current popular press and scholarly research literature on the topic, the course will follow a recent and popular academic trend of exploring authentic leadership through classical literary works ranging from Macchiavelli's The Prince to Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. As such, students will not only be introduced to authentic leadership, but also study it in a creative manner which in turn can help them assess their own authenticity as they prepare for their own leadership careers. This course is writing intensive. Open to students in the third or fourth year of study. Counts toward Leadership Studies minor.


4 sh


Open to students in the third or fourth year of study.

Course Types

Core Interdisciplinary Seminar; Leadership Studies Elective

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