Dismissal of Tenured Teaching Faculty


When reason arises to question the retention of a teaching faculty member who has tenure, the Department Chair, the Dean, and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will discuss the matter with the faculty member. The procedure may be terminated at this point by mutual consent.

If the issue is not resolved by mutual consent, the faculty member has the right to request a hearing by the Academic Council. The faculty member requesting the hearing may present the grievance and/or may be represented by any other faculty member he/she selects. The faculty member has the right to secure counsel and the right to question witnesses.

Recommendations of the Academic Council concerning disposition of the case will be made to the President of the University.

If requested by the faculty member, the President shall take the full report of the Academic Council to the Board of Trustees stating the Council’s recommendation, together with the President’s own recommendation. The Board may accept the President's recommendation or the recommendation of the Council, or the recommendation may be returned to the Council for reconsideration.

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