Handbook Introduction

This Faculty Handbook was first published September 11, 1978

  • The information in this document serves as a guide and reference to faculty members. It is not a contract but rather a statement of practices followed at Elon University.
The approval processes for items in this document are as follows:
  • Bylaws: Changes to the faculty bylaws are discussed and voted upon at Faculty Meetings prior to submission to the president and Board of Trustees for final approval. Exceptions to the process are made for minor editorial changes which can be approved by Academic Council alone.
  • Non-Bylaws Sections: Changes to non-bylaws sections are approved by the Academic Council.
Information in the Faculty Handbook is updated by the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Contents are revised throughout each academic year when the revisions are scheduled to take effect. The Faculty Handbook is archived annually on August 1.

Foreword from President Book

At Elon, we have a long history of working together to decide on and build our future. Central to that collaboration has been a desire to create the most effective learning environment in the nation. The open dialogue and tight-knit community that we have fostered on campus have directly under girded the University's rapid ascent on the higher education landscape. Whether you participate in the governance of the University as a member of the faculty, staff, administration, student body, or Board of Trustees, what unites us is our shared vision for student learning and our dedication to open communication about the major issues facing the institution in any given year.

The Elon University Faculty Handbook contains policies and procedures for teaching faculty, administrative staff with faculty rank, and staff with faculty rank. We hope that readers will find the Faculty Handbook a useful guide. Our thanks go to the many members of the University community who have assisted in editing this volume. Questions and suggestions are welcome and should be addressed to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, 2200 Campus Box, jdawson9@elon.edu, or extension 6647.

Connie Ledoux Book President








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