1. Requests authorization to advertise and salary from the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  2. Authorizes timetable for search and EEO strategies
  3. The dean should attend one of the available search chair training sessions offered in Human Resources or use the resources provided in HR on hiring to ensure best practices in conducting a search.
  4. Places ads within budgetary guidelines
  5. Approves candidate visits
  6. Conducts formal interview with candidates
  7. Makes reference calls for final candidates
  8. Initiates background check on final candidate through Human Resources
  9. Following consultation with Department Chair, approves final selection. This information is shared with the department.
  10. Completes negotiations and prepares contract specifications
  11. Supervises collection of documents for employee file
  12. Supervises collection of EEO-related information on applicants

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