Leave of Absence and Withdrawal for Medical or Hardship Reasons

If a student has a documented medical condition or personal hardship that is impacting his/her ability to complete course work, the student should consult the MHE Graduate Director or a staff member in the Office of the Dean of Students to discuss their options. The Office of the Dean of Students website provides detailed descriptions of the following policies: Leave of Absence for Medical Reasons, Leave of Absence for Hardship Reasons, Permanent Withdrawal for Medical Reasons, and/or Retroactive Medical Withdrawal as well as guidance on the process for returning from a leave of absence. It is important to note that students who take a leave of absence or medical withdrawal may not be able to fulfill degree requirements within the prescribed two-year time frame and are not guaranteed a graduate apprenticeship and/or scholarship funding beyond the initial two-year scholarship award and/or apprenticeship appointment.

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