Withdrawing from the MHE Program

A student may withdraw voluntarily from the Master of Arts in Higher Education program during any term, provided formal written notice is given to the MHE Graduate Director and Registrar. Readmission following program withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

1. There is no right to automatic readmission.

2. There is no right to scholarship and/or graduate apprenticeship funding.

3. A request for readmission will be considered on the basis of the admission standards prevailing at the time readmission is sought. The student must comply with any new admission requirements even if such requirements differ from those existing at the time he or she was originally admitted to the MHE program. A request for readmission may be made by sending a letter to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

4. If a student who has withdrawn is readmitted, MHE credits earned five or more years prior to the date of reenrollment will not be recognized. All requirements for the MHE degree must be completed within five years of initial enrollment.

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