Through its graduate programs, Elon University gives students the opportunity to acquire a high level of competence in their fields of interest and to gain significant experience in the application of advanced knowledge and skills. Graduate programs offered at Elon foster a stimulating intellectual community based upon close interaction with faculty, academic engagement with peers in and out of the classroom and a university environment fully committed to supporting inquiry and research. Graduates from Elon’s advanced degree programs are prepared to assume positions as active professionals committed to continued learning and the advancement of their professions.

Elon University offers graduate programs that are:

  • Connected to the university’s undergraduate programs, building on existing strengths and contributing to the enhancement of the quality of the undergraduate experience.
  • Committed to the broad perspective of arts and sciences.
  • Distinctive, excellent in overall quality and responsive to the needs of society.
  • Committed to the intellectual growth and development of each student.
  • Supportive of both faculty and student scholarly activity and its dissemination to the appropriate community of scholars and practitioners.

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