DAN 327 Dance for the Camera

This course explores the history of Dance for the Camera through current trends on a global scale. Students will experience both pre and post-production of dance films including: storyboarding, choreographing for the camera, set design, camera work, sound design, and editing. Students will complete dance photography projects while enhancing understanding of framing, composition, lighting and camera settings. Upon completion of the course, students will write a final project proposal and produce a professional level dance film.



Cross Listed Courses



Permission of Instructor



Course Types

Expression, Advanced Studies


  • Summer



Course Outcomes

  1. The following Learning Outcomes for the B.F.A. Dance Performance & Choreography major strategically align with those of the course:
    -Students synthesize technical and theoretical understanding of other dance forms.
    -Students discover and apply creative improvisational skills.
    -Students identify, apply and design compositional skills to create highly developed choreography.
    -Students analyze creative theories in kinesthetic, verbal and written form.
    -Students identify, distinguish and demonstrate historical theories in kinesthetic, verbal and written form.
    -Students develop and design professional digital and traditional portfolios.

    The following Learning Outcomes are specific to the Dance for the Camera course:
    -Show responsibility for weekly assignments in and out of class.
    -Articulate an understanding of the dance for the camera history and current trends.
    -Identify major dance films, filmmakers, choreographers, and directors on a global scale.
    -Demonstrate understanding of best practices for working as a director, editor, choreographer, performer, and creator of dance films.
    -Demonstrate proficiency in working a DSLR camera.
    -Produce content for professional portfolio.
    -Demonstrate responsibility, effective communication, and good work practices when collaborating or working in groups with all classes.

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