This course explores the overlapping design process concepts of representation and fabrication through the multiple morphing lenses of sustainability. Students will be introduced to the major phases—and to the complex relationships between these phases—that constitute the development of a sustainably built environment. The course will encourage students to map and evaluate sustainable materials, structures, systems, strategies and processes. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with current—as well as emerging—sustainability-oriented design, prototyping and fabrication techniques. Tools including Building Information Modeling [BIM], 3D prototyping and Computer-Aided Manufacturing [CAM] which can accelerate a project’s sustainability potential by allowing the designer to optimize the deployment of actual materials. This course has a required co-requisite 3 hour studio component each week.  Prerequisite:  ENS 160 or permission of the department chair.  Offered spring.



4 sh

Future Course Number

ENS 3660


Offered spring.

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