Disabilities Advisory Committee


Membership List Y35U

Areas of Committee Concern

The Disability Advisory Committee works with the Director of Disabilities Resources to develop, implement, and monitor procedures addressing the educational needs of students with identified needs.


  • Director of Disabilities Resources, who serves as chair
  • Assistant Director of Disabilities Resources
  • One teaching faculty member from the Education Department specializing in special education
  • Seven other teaching faculty members appointed annually by the Associate Provost for Assessment and Academic Operations
  • Two staff members appointed annually by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Three students, two with disabilities and one with an identified interest in disabilities issues, appointed annually

Policies and Procedures

The committee meets once a semester during the academic year or as necessary.


  • To review University procedures and policies regarding services for students with special educational needs
  • To hear related concerns from both students and faculty
  • To interpret and apply disability law to specific requests or situations
  • To coordinate the dissemination of pertinent information to the University community

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