National Fellowships Advisory Committee


Areas of Committee Concern

The National Fellowships Advisory Committee is concerned with evaluating and mentoring Elon's nominees and candidates competing for prestigious national and international fellowships.


  • National and International Fellowships Office Director, chair
  • National and International Fellowships Office Associate Director
  • Lumen Prize Director
  • Seven members of the teaching faculty, appointed for three-year, renewable terms by the National and International Fellowships Office Director

Policies and Procedures

  • The committee meets regularly to select Elon's nominees for national and international fellowships that require institutional nomination or internal evaluation. Committee members read draft applications, provide feedback to candidates, and conduct both evaluative and mock interviews with candidates.
  • The committee holds an annual review meeting each spring.


  • To review applications from candidates applying for national and international fellowship competitions and to provide feedback on draft applications.
  • To serve as interviewers during evaluative and practice interviews with candidates
  • To advise the Director on matters of program implementation and evaluation

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