Costs and Refunds

Reasonable cost is one of the major benefits of the School of Communications’ iMedia program. Tuition for the program includes a comprehensive software package, which contains the programs that will be used in the courses. Basic costs of the Winter Term course are also included when students travel away from Elon, with the exception of food and other items students might choose to purchase.

Please see Forms of Financial Assistance for Graduate Students in the front section of this catalog.

Graduate tuition (for entire program) $42,621
Late registration/re-enrollment during term $25
Returned check fine $25
Transcripts $8

Grades, diplomas and transcripts will be withheld until a student’s financial obligations to the university are settled. A student cannot register for further coursework until financial obligations to the university are paid.


Fall and spring semesters

Tuition and fees are refunded on a pro rata basis during the first eight weeks of the semester.

Any part of a week will be considered as a full week for all pro rata charges.

1st week pro rata charge 5%
2nd week pro rata charge 10%
3rd week pro rata charge 40%
4th week pro rata charge 60%
5th through 8th week pro rata charge 75%
9th week no refund

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