Student Organization Policies

Please refer to the Student Organization Handbook for resources and policies regarding recognized student organizations and groups on campus. For convenience, an abbreviated set of student organization recognition and membership policies are listed here.   

All students, student groups and student organizations are expected to abide by the Honor Code and all national, state, local and University policies. Violations of the Honor Code will be considered for adjudication by the Office of Student Conduct. Questions may be directed to the Assistant Dean of Students located in the Office of Student Conduct, Center for Leadership.

Student Involvement provides support for all University recognized student organizations. Resources are located on the Student Involvement website. The Student Organization Handbook provides tools and resources regarding many university policies and support for student organizations. Some groups or organizations may have additional administrative coordination or oversight. These groups include:  

  • Fraternity and Sorority Community  
  • Club Sports 
  • Religious and Spiritual Life  



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