This course will survey the history of Latin America from the early 19th century to the present. The goal of the course is to enable students to gain an understanding of issues in contemporary Latin America by placing them in a historical perspective. The course is structured thematically focusing on subjects including the social implications of various models of economic development, the opportunities and problems which result from economic ties to wealthy countries, changing ethnic, gender and class relations in Latin America and the diverse efforts of Latin American people to construct stable and equitable political, economic and social systems. In examining these topics, examples will be drawn from the histories of various Latin American countries.


4 sh

Course Types

Art History Elective; Latin America Studies Elective; Advanced Studies; IGS: Latin America Regional Concentration; Poverty and Social Justice Elective; Non-US History; African, Asian, Latin American, or Middle Eastern History; International Business Regional Area Course


Offered fall.

Previous Course Number

HST 354

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