This course examines the forced servitude of men and women of African descent in North America, particularly that portion which ultimately became the United States. While it considers other variations of unfree labor, especially indentured servitude and the enslavement of Amerindian peoples, the emphasis is on the men and women caught up in the Atlantic trade from Africa and their descendents. We will stress the dynamic nature of slavery, how the experience of both slave owners and slaves varied according to time and to place. A significant amount of attention will also go to the process of emancipation and enfranchisement - to the battles that freed people and their allies fought for inclusion as full citizens in the United States.


4 sh

Course Types

Art History Elective; Advanced Studies; African and African-American Studies Elective; Non-Violence Studies Elective; Peace & Conflict Studies Elective; US History; US Minority History


Offered fall and spring.

Previous Course Number

HST 392

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