DPT 7030 Clinical Reasoning and Therapeutic Exercise IV

Clinical Reasoning and Therapeutic Exercise is a 5-course series that provides students with ongoing opportunities to apply and integrate the principles of clinical reasoning and therapeutic exercise. By practicing challenging clinical skills in a supportive environment, students progressively increase their ability to engage in effective, patient-centered skills across the life span.

Clinical Reasoning and Therapeutic Exercise IV is the fourth course in this series.  It is designed to increase students’ abilities in the following areas:  patient interviewing skills, documentation, communication skills (verbal & written), evidence-based clinical decision making, prioritization of patient problems, and ethical considerations. Emphasis is also placed on designing therapeutic interventions to incorporate into the plan of care for patients with neurological impairments.  The goal of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to practice early clinical problem solving in a supportive environment focusing on the effective evaluation and intervention for individuals with neurological impairments.


1 sh


Unsatisfactory course grade - Remediation during Module VII. WILL DELAY DPT 704 Clinical Practicum II. WILL DELAY GRADUATION from the program.

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