Notification of Case Resolution and Outcomes in accordance with FERPA

The decision related to potential code of conduct violations is part of the education record of the responding student and is protected from release under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), except under certain conditions. As allowed by FERPA, when a student is accused of a policy violation that would constitute a “crime of violence” or a non-forcible sex offense, the University may inform the reporting party of the final results of a hearing/investigation decision regardless of whether the University concludes that a violation was committed. Such release of information will include only the responding student’s name, the violation committed, and the outcomes assigned (if applicable). “Crimes of violence” include: arson, assault offenses (including stalking), burglary, criminal homicide (manslaughter by negligence; murder and non-negligent manslaughter), destruction/damage/vandalism of property, kidnapping/abduction, robbery, and forcible sex offenses as defined by FERPA, 34 C.F.R. § Pt. 99, App. A.

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