Reporting & Resources (including Confidential Support Options)


A report can be made by any individual who has experienced sexual misconduct, who has been affected by sexual misconduct, or who has knowledge of sexual misconduct happening to or affecting someone else. After making a report, an individual may choose to (1) pursue resolution under the Title IX Policy or the Sexual Misconduct Policy; or (2) if applicable, pursue an alternative resolution involving the respondent; or (3) choose to end involvement in the resolution process.

Any individual who wishes to make a report of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator may report the incident to the university through the following channels:

Direct Reporting

  • Title IX Coordinator: Molly Zlock, Title IX Coordinator, West Oaks Pavillion 202D, 2067 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244, (336) 278-5787;
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Student Life: Dr. Eleanor Finger, Assistant Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Campus Life, Jackson Hall 103B, 2990 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244, (336) 278-7109;
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics: Ms. Faith Shearer, Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women’s Administrator, Alumni Field House 239-H, 2500 Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244, (336) 278-6700;
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the Law School: Ms. Melissa Duncan, Associate Director of Student and Professional Life, Law School Room 107-M, 2005 Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244, (336) 278-9256;
  • Investigator: Christopher Jamison, HR Consultant for HR Compliance and Equal Opportunity, West Oaks Pavillion 202D, 2067 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244, (336) 278-6918;
  • Investigator: Felicia Cenca, HR Consultant for HR Compliance and Title IX, West Oaks Pavillion 202D, 2067 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244, (336) 278-5547;
  • In the event that an incident involves alleged misconduct by the Title IX Coordinator, or other Title IX staff, reports should be made directly to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources at (336) 278-5562.

Mandatory Reporters

The following university employees have been designated as “Mandatory Reporters” by the university and are required to promptly report all known information about an incident of sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, sexual misconduct, and sex and/or gender-based discrimination to the university’s Title IX Coordinator:

  • Any member of Elon’s Senior Staff
  • Academic deans and department chairs
  • Staff in the Office of the Dean of Students
  • Staff in the Office of Human Resources
  • Members of the university’s Campus Safety and Police
  • Residence Life staff (including student staff (resident assistants and apartment managers)
  • Office of Student Conduct staff
  • Athletic Department staff including coaching staff
  • Study Away program leaders
  • Other university employees (with the exception of the Confidential Resources listed below) are encouraged to promptly report incidents of which they are aware of to the Title IX Coordinator. Any employee with questions about their reporting obligations should contact the Title IX Coordinator.

Online Reporting

Any individual can make an online report of a violation of this Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy. An individual may report the incident without disclosing their name, identifying a complainant or a respondent, or requesting any action. Elon will attempt to investigate such reports but depending on the extent of information available about the incident or the individuals involved, Elon’s ability to investigate and respond to an anonymous report may be limited.

Law Enforcement Reporting Options

Legal charges may be filed with Elon university Campus Safety and Police (who will also report to the Title IX Coordinator) or the Town of Elon Police Department (or other department) depending on the jurisdiction in which the crime was committed. For more information on how to report a sexual misconduct violation to law enforcement, visit Campus Safety & Police.

Confidential Resources (On & Off-Campus)


Elon university has trained resources with whom an individual may discuss an alleged violation of this policy without the information being reported to the Title IX Coordinator and who can provide an immediate confidential response in a crisis situation. The university has designated the following persons as confidential resources under this policy:




Inquiries about the application of Title IX and its implementing regulations also may be referred to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR):


Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

U.S. Department of Education

400 Maryland Avenue, SW

Washington, DC 20202-1475

Telephone: (202) 453-6020



[1] Individuals who respond to Safeline calls are designated as Campus Security Authorities (CSA) under the Clery Act. As such, these individuals provide non-identifying, aggregate data to the university.

[2] The Coordinator for Violence Response is designated as a CSA under Clery Act. As such, these individuals provide non-identifying, aggregate data to the university.


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