Respondent Withdrawal or Decision Not to Participate in an Investigation

If the respondent chooses not to participate in either the Title IX or Sexual Misconduct policy process, the respondent will still be informed that he or she is alleged to have violated university policy, that an investigation will be conducted, and that the resolution process will continue.

Student respondents may elect to Withdraw Pending a Hearing pursuant to the Code of Conduct. If a student respondent withdraws from the university complying with the relevant provision of the Code of Conduct, the Title IX Coordinator will notify the university Registrar that the student withdrew while an investigation and/or determination under this policy were pending. If the student attempts to re-enroll before the matter is resolved, the Registrar will notify the Title IX Coordinator. The matter must be fully resolved, including completion of potential outcomes, before the student is eligible to seek re-enrollment at the university.

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