Graduation is dependent upon quality as well as upon quantity of work done.

A student earns quality points as well as semester hours if his/her level of performance does not fall below that of a “D-.”

Letter grades are used. They are interpreted in the table below, with the quality points for each hour of credit shown at right.

Grade  Description Quality Points
A   4.0
A-   3.7
B+   3.3
B   3.0
B-   2.7
C+   2.3
C   2.0
C-   1.7
D+   1.3
D   1.0
D-   0.7
F   0.0
 Incomplete (not counted in cumulative average)      0.0
 Passing (not counted in cumulative average) 0.0
 Satisfactory (not counted in cumulative average) 0.0
 Unsatisfactory (counted in cumulative average) 0.0
WD   Medical withdrawal 0.0
 Withdrawal 0.0
AU   Audit 0.0
WM   Military withdrawal 0.0
 Transfer coursework 0.0
BE   Credit by exam 0.0
NR   No Report 0.0
NG  Not Graded 0.0

A grade in the “A” range indicates distinguished performance in a course.

A grade in the “B” range indicates an above-average performance in class.

A grade in the “C” range indicates an average performance in which a basic understanding of the subject has been demonstrated.

A grade in the “D” range indicates a passing performance despite some deficiencies.

A grade of “F” indicates failure.

Grades of “A” through “F” are permanent grades and may not be changed except in case of error. After an instructor has certified a grade to the Registrar, he/she may change it before the end of the next regular grading period. The change must be made using the online grade change system that requires electronic approval of the department chair.

An “I” grade signifies incomplete work because of illness, emergency, extreme hardship or self-paced courses. An “I” grade is normally not given when a student has missed more than 30 percent of the class work. It is not given for a student missing the final examination unless excused by the appropriate department chair upon communication from the student. The student receiving a grade of “I” completes all work no later than 9 class days after mid-semester grades are due during the following semester. A final grade is submitted to the Registrar by the instructor the following Monday. After this date the “I” grade automatically changes to “F” unless an extension is granted by the Dean of the school/college.

A grade of "NR" signifies that the grade was not received in time for processing. An “NR” is replaced upon receipt of an official grade change form. An “NR” not resolved by the university’s published deadline is automatically converted to an “F”.

A grade of "NG" is only used for laboratory sections where the lab grade is factored into the lecture portion of the course. A grade of "NG" is not associated with any academic credit and does not factor into the cumulative GPA.

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