Student Honors

President’s and Dean’s Lists

The Dean’s List recognizes and encourages excellence in academic work. A student who has no grade below a “B-” and a GPA of at least 3.5 in a minimum of 12 semester hours in any semester is placed on the Dean’s List for the following semester. Those students who have no grade below an “A-” in a minimum of 12 semester hours in any semester are placed on the President’s List. Classes passed on a Pass/Fail basis or classes with grades of “S,” “WD” “WM,” “W,” “T,” “AU” or “BE” are not included in Dean’s List or President’s List eligibility. Students who have an “I” or “NR” grades are excluded from President’s and Dean’s List honors until those grades have been converted to an appropriate letter grade.

Graduation With Honors

Students completing at least 66 credit hours at Elon University may graduate with honors. Candidates for graduation with an average of 3.9 or above are graduated summa cum laude; those with 3.7 or above, magna cum laude; and those with 3.5 or above, cum laude. In computing eligibility for honors, only work attempted at Elon will be used.

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