Repeat Courses

Courses repeated within four semesters of attendance (excluding winter and summer sessions) following the first enrollment in the course count only once in computing the cumulative GPA. In such cases, the most recent grade is counted rather than any previous grade(s) received. The previous grade(s), for completed courses only, are replaced on the official transcript by the notation “RP” (repeated course). The most recent grade earned appears normally on the student’s transcript. However, a course repeated more than once will count in the cumulative GPA each time it is repeated. A course in which an honor code “F” was received due to a violation of the Academic Honor Code may be repeated; however, the original grade will count in the cumulative GPA. Because the notation “RP” can only replace grades for completed courses, the notation 'W’ and 'I' are not replaced by the notation “RP.” (Students receiving Veterans’ benefits should consult the VA representative).

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