Animals on Campus

Animals are not permitted in university owned or operated buildings. Exception will be made only for service animals as indicated by the Americans with Disabilities Act or approved emotional support animals in the residence halls. Approved emotional support animals are allowed in residence halls and university owned or operated housing ONLY. For more information about service animal or emotional support animal policies and procedures, please contact the Office of Disabilities Resources. All animals on campus must be appropriately leashed, harnessed, crated or otherwise tethered and must remain under the control of their owner. Exceptions may be made by the Office of Disabilities Resources to support reasonable accommodations.

Animals may not be used in pranks or ceremonies in connection with any individual, university or group activity. Events that may include animals must be properly registered. Animals used in research must receive prior authorization from the Elon University Institutional Review Board.

Violation of university policies may result in referral to the student conduct process or applicable faculty/staff adjudication processes. The owner of any animal/pet on Elon University property is solely responsible and liable for any damages or injuries to person(s) or property.

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