Formal Conduct Procedures

The Office of Student Conduct views its role in the administration of the honor system as one that ensures fairness and provides an educational opportunity for student participants. This approach protects the campus community by providing a process and system of outcomes that are educational and hold students accountable for engaging in behavior prohibited by the Code of Conduct. Outcomes are disciplinary and educational actions assigned to encourage the growth and development of students and support the practice of responsible behavior in a community. This educational approach requires a need for students to reflect on their choices, understand the impact of their actions, commit to self-accountability, and respect the rights and privileges of others.

The basic philosophy and principles that guide the honor system at Elon University are:

  • The student conduct process supports a learning experience that is most effective when it holds students accountable for behaviors prohibited by the Code of Conduct, contributes to the personal growth and holistic success of a student, and/or provides protections for the community of which they are a member.
  • The student conduct process responds expeditiously and thoroughly to behaviors potentially prohibited by the Code of Conduct. The student conduct process is transformative when students are given an opportunity to engage fully about the motivations, impacts, and potential remedies relating to their behavior.
  • The student conduct process is a fair, equitable, and consistent process that considers all available and credible information relevant to the case, and provides an opportunity for all parties to share their experiences.
  • A spectrum of resolution models may be used to encourage actions and behaviors that support the values of the Honor Code.

University action through the honor system does not preclude the possibility of civil or criminal charges being placed against an individual nor does the filing of civil or criminal charges preclude action by the university. Additionally, action through the honor system does not preclude other actions or outcomes assigned by student organizations or other units of the institution (e.g., student employment, athletic eligibility, leadership positions, organization participation).



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