Student Conduct Process Advisors

Respondents and reporting parties may bring a currently enrolled student, faculty, or staff member from the Elon University community to serve as their advisor to any meeting that occurs as part of the conduct process.  This includes initial meetings, student conduct conferences, and formal hearings. Family members, attorneys or other legal counsel may not attend any meeting that occurs as part of the conduct process or serve as advisors. The role of the advisor is limited in scope. An advisor may not answer for, speak for, or represent their advisee. Advisors may consult with the student quietly, in writing, or outside the meeting. The university will make a reasonable effort to accommodate an advisor’s availability. The university reserves the right to proceed with any meeting, regardless of the availability of the advisor.

For information about the role of an advisor in cases involving alleged sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, sexual misconduct, and sex and/or gender-based discrimination, consult the Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

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