Student Rights

Related to the student conduct process, student respondents (those receiving notice of potential policy violations of the Code of Conduct) have specific rights. They are entitled to:

  • Have a written statement of the potential policy violations and charges.
  • Have written notice of the date, time and place of the hearing. (See notification procedures outlined in Formal Conduct Procedures)
  • Have the hearing/investigation decision postponed for good cause. (Request for postponement must be made no less than two days prior to the scheduled time of the hearing and must be made in writing to the director of student conduct or designee.)
  • Have an advisor from the Elon University community (currently enrolled student, faculty or staff member).
  • Hear and respond to the information related to the potential policy violation(s) and charge(s).
  • Provide information on their own behalf.
  • Obtain witnesses on their own behalf.
  • Submit questions for the reporting party/witnesses present at honor board hearings.
  • Know the final decision of the hearing/investigation and provisions for any appeal process.

For more information about rights of Reporting and Responding parties in cases involving alleged sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, sexual misconduct, and sex and/or gender-based discrimination, see the Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

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