Community Standards

In order to promote a relationship between recognized student organizations and the University that is based on trust, collaboration, cooperation and the resulting mutual benefits to the University and the campus community, Student Involvement has developed criteria for the recognition of these organizations.

  1. Student organizations enhance participation in the cultural, academic, social, service, philanthropic and spiritual life of Elon. The individual and group performance of members of our organizations should always uphold the values stated in the organization’s constitutions and/or by-laws. By virtue of the University’s recognition of each organization’s stated principles and ideals, the University expects that the goals of student organizations will be implemented in a manner that is compatible with the goals and mission of the Elon community.
  2. It is the practice of Elon to recognize only student organizations that have been developed through the University student organization process as outlined by Student Involvement and the Student Life Committee. Accordingly, the University generally will not recognize or sanction events, activities, or circumstances where students are involved via affiliation with other organizations or groups not recognized at Elon.
  3. As stated in Elon’s goals, an important objective of the Elon experience, both in and outside of the classroom, is to educate and develop mature, responsible members of the community. Accordingly, it is important that each recognized organization’s values and founding principles be congruent with these goals. Recognized organizations are permitted certain privileges and, correspondingly, must undertake certain responsibilities within this community. There is a mutual accountability between the organization and the University.
  4. The Elon Student Code of Conduct and all other Elon policies supersede and preempt any and all inconsistent or contrary regulations, policies and/or decisions made by registered student organizations and/or their inter/national organizations and affiliates.
  5. Student organization leaders are expected to be knowledgeable of and adhere to any policies/practices as outlined by the University and any academic/administrative department or national organization with which the organization is affiliated.

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