Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

It is the student's responsibility to understand and meet the requirements for graduation.

Earning a bachelor degree from Elon University consists of the following:

  1. A minimum of 132 semester hours of credit;
  2. Completion of the Core Curriculum (see details below);
  3. Completion of at least one major;
  4. Satisfactory completion of a comprehensive evaluation in the major;
  5. A minimum of 36 semester hours of junior/senior level work;
  6. A minimum of 60 semester hours of study at Elon, including the last term before graduation;
  7. A minimum of 50% of the semester hours required for the major earned at Elon;
  8. Attainment of the following grade point averages (GPA) –
    • A cumulative GPA of exactly 2.00 or higher;
    • A GPA in the major of exactly 2.00 or higher;
  9. If the student’s program of study requires a minor, then the minor GPA must be exactly 2.00 or higher.
  10. A maximum of 16 semester hours of internship credit may be applied to the 132 semester hours required for the undergraduate degree.
  11. Completion of the graduation application by the dates published by the Registrar. Degrees are conferred in December, January, May and August.
  12. A student may graduate under the provisions of the catalog published the year of first enrollment, provided the course of study is completed within five years. After the interval of five years, a student’s credits will be subject to review by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.



Students are encouraged to participate in Commencement exercises.  Students who meet all other responsibilities but are eight (8) semester hours and no more than two requirements short may participate in Commencement exercises; the degree will be awarded upon completion of all requirements.


Students must be in good standing with the University in order to participate in Commencement exercises.

The Core Curriculum


1. First-Year Foundations
a. COR 1100 - The Global Experience
b. ENG 1100 - Writing: Argument and Inquiry (a grade of C- or better is required for graduation)
c. Mathematics (STS 1100, STS 2120, MTH 1510 or higher) (Excludes MTH 2080, MTH 2090)

COR 1100 the Global Experience, is waived for students transferring 18 hours or more. This applies to transfer students only, not first-year students entering college for the first time. Advanced Placement credits will not count toward the 18 semester hours.


2. Experiential Learning Requirement (two units) (See Elon ELR Core Requirement for details) – complete two units of experiential learning through any combination of approved methods :global engagement(study abroad/ study USA), undergraduate research, internship, service (community-based learning), or approved leadership courses or experiences


3. Advancing Equity Requirement – complete a 4-credit course designated as Advancing Equity to graduate from the university. These courses can be from the students’ majors, minors, or other Core Curriculum requirements.


4. World Language (See World Language Core Requirement for details) – complete a world language course at the Elementary II level or higher either at Elon, through transfer credit, or by placement into a sophomore-level language course on the approved placement instrument


5. Studies in the Arts and Sciences

a. Expression

Eight semester hours total consisting of one literature course plus one course from acting, art, dance, drama and theatre studies, music, music theatre, philosophy, theatrical design and technology, or other designated courses

b. Civilization

Eight semester hours chosen from at least two of the following: art history, history, religious studies, world languages and cultures, or other designated courses

c. Society

Eight semester hours chosen from at least two of the following: anthropology, economics, geography, human service studies, political science, professional writing and rhetoric, psychology, public health studies, sociology, or other designated courses

d. Science/Analysis

Eight semester hours total consisting of one physical or biological laboratory science course plus a second course chosen from biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, statistics, or other designated courses.

Transfer students with at least 18 semester hours of transfer credit must complete 32 hours total in Studies in the Arts and Sciences, but may have as few as seven hours in one or more of the four Studies in the Arts and Sciences areas.


6. Advanced Studies in the Arts and Sciences 

  Eight semester hours of 3000-4000-level courses outside the major field chosen from departments and areas in Expression, Civilization, Society and Science/Analysis


7. Integrative Core Capstone Seminar - four semester hours

These seminars are the capstone of the Elon Core Curriculum. They are opportunities for students to integrate and apply what they have learned during the Elon experience. More than 40 different seminar topics are offered each academic year, allowing students a wide range of choices. Every capstone seminar is interdisciplinary and writing-intensive, and includes a capstone project. To satisfy this requirement, students must take an Elon COR course outside the major field at the 3000- or 4000-level during their third or fourth year of study.




Total semester hours: 56-60

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