Exercise Science

Chair: Professor Madzima 

Exercise Science is the systematic study of the mechanisms underlying human movement, exercise and physical activity. Sub-disciplines include human anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, psychology, motor control and biomechanics. An individual studying exercise science should have a strong interest in applying scientific principles to a variety of human movement, exercise and physical activity settings.

The Exercise Science program is dedicated to developing a student’s critical thinking skills, capacity to solve problems and the ability to apply theoretical concepts. These abilities are addressed in classroom and laboratory settings as well as practicum, internship and independent research opportunities.

An Exercise Science major prepares students for careers in a variety of areas related to human movement, exercise and physical activity. The career possibilities for an individual with an exercise science background and appropriate graduate study include many fields in health and medicine such as cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, dietetics, occupational therapy, medicine and chiropractic. The Exercise Science graduate may also pursue careers or advanced studies in disciplines including, but not limited to, corporate wellness, strength and conditioning, public health, personal training, applied physiology, psychology, bioengineering and related areas of research.

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