This course focuses on literacies across contexts and content areas for adolescents. The processes of reading and writing will be examined from cognitive, cultural, and critical perspectives. The relationship between language and identity will also be explored. Topics of study may include digital literacy, media literacy, and interdisciplinary literacy. Students are required to participate in a field experience as part of this course.



4 sh


EDU 2110 or SOC 2430


  • Fall


Offered fall of even years. There is a field experience associated with this course.

Course Outcomes

  1. By the end of this course, students will be able to
    - understand adolescents’ reading development and effective literacy instruction
    - experience, practice, and apply instructional skills and strategies that are effective for supporting literacy skills for fiction and non-fiction texts in the middle and high school classroom
    - understand assessment tools in analyzing and determining adolescents’ levels of ability and challenges in elements of reading, writing, listening, and speaking
    - understand tools and resources for assessing reading complexity and demand of a range of literacy formats
    - understand the demands of a range of genres and literacy forms (e.g., digital media) appropriate for adolescents
    - develop lesson plans designed for online and/or face-to-face instruction for strategies-based instruction and comprehending expository texts in the content areas
    - analyze ways in which technology can be used to foster adolescents’ literacy skills
    - identify culturally relevant and sustaining content and pedagogical strategies in adolescent literacies
    - understand how current theory and research inform effective models and methods for developing literacy skills for a diverse community of adolescents, including struggling and reluctant readers, English language learners, and gifted students
    - understand state and national standards that inform English language arts curriculum in middle and high schools

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