The class introduces students to methodologies, issues, and frameworks for the global study of film that they will encounter in the Global Film & Cultures minor. The course focuses on creating connections between film industries, film theory and interpretation, and film history. The course will include the study of the grammar of film (technical vocabulary), reading about film (criticism and theory), and writing about film (analysis and creative projects) through a critical media literacy lens (critically examining race, gender, sexuality, and other identity-markers as related to global film industries, scholarship, economics, politics, etc.).


This course will prime students to be agile and curious in how they watch film, combining multiple ways of looking, analyzing, and responding, that will transfer to their future film studies. 


4 sh

Course Types



  • Fall
  • Spring

  1. Understand and apply film terminology to produce written and visual interpretations of film texts. Recognize film as a unique medium with its own vocabulary and genres.
  2. Read and synthesize critical texts and theories related to film industries, analysis, and individual works.
  3. Understand and critique film as a globally and historically situated medium, and as an intertextual social practice.
  4. Analyze basic processes of film from pre-production to post-production and key crew positions.
  5. Learn to watch film actively, and understand affective and viewer-oriented theories of film criticism, including formal aesthetics.

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