The purpose of this course is to provide students the opportunity to develop practical skills relative to the application of community health education program development and evaluation issues. This course explores comprehensive program planning that includes assessment, community involvement, intervention selection and development, implementation, and evaluation. Evidence-based data on health-related issues in combination with the review concepts, principles and theories used in health promotion will be used to assess, plan, implement and evaluate health education programs developed for targeted populations at-risk for specific health problems. Students will develop skills in needs assessment, program planning, including developing a rationale, gaining support of stakeholders, selecting an appropriate model and theory, and evaluation to use in a health education and promotion program. Students will identify, plan and implement an intervention to meet the needs of an at-risk population based on an appropriate theoretical framework.


4 sh


Students must be in Junior or Senior standing and have taken WHE 2300 before taking this course.


  • Spring

Previous Course Number

WHE 350


Students must be in Junior or Senior standing and have taken WHE 2300 before taking this course.

Course Outcomes

  1. Explain the role and illustrate links among needs assessment, program planning, implementation and evaluation in health research and practice;
  2. Apply theories and conceptual models in program planning and evaluation;
  3. Articulate potential ethical issues in designing and conducting program planning and evaluation activities;
  4. Apply the Generalized framework to a particular health problem
  5. Formulate attainable goals and measureable objectives for the hypothetical health education program;
  6. Formulate multiple strategies for dealing with controversial health issues;
  7. Outline intervention activities to be included in the hypothetical program plan;
  8. Prepare a written health education program plan for a specific health problem in a targeted group that includes a needs assessment, interventions, and evaluation plan;
  9. Assess factors that impact the creation and implementation of health education programs, and the evaluation of these programs.

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