The internship experience provides students the opportunity to gain practical, work-related experience in the coaching profession.  The goal of the internship is to allow students the opportunity to apply academic content in a practical setting, while continuing to deepen and broaden their abilities and knowledge under the leadership of a mentor in the field.  


2 sh


Completion of 10 hours in the coaching minor and 2.0 overall GPA

Previous Course Number

PEH 481


Students may choose one 80-hour experience or two 40-hour experiences. Students must get permission of the Program Coordinator, Professor prior to registering for the internship. Students must complete the Internship Application through the Student Professional Development Center. The internship may take place in any approved setting at the middle, high school or college level.

Course Outcomes

  1. • Gain practical, work-related experiences in the coaching profession.
  2. • Describe and apply appropriate planning and teaching of systematic instructional activities that maximize athlete potential.
  3. • Reflect on how knowledge and skills gained from coaching minor coursework was applied in the field.
  4. • Plan and implement a project in the internship setting.
  5. • Demonstrate professional dispositions in the field.

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