State Programs

NC Need-Based Scholarship

The North Carolina Legislature appropriates funding for North Carolina residents who attend private colleges and universities. A student is automatically considered when they complete the federal FAFSA. The state of North Carolina determines eligibility and will notify Elon of the recipients and scholarship amounts. Scholarships range from $4,000 to $9,240 per year.

Vermont and Maryland Grants

Students who are residents of these states may receive these grants. Amounts vary. Please check with your State Department of Education.

Elon University Programs

In addition to the numerous federal and state programs, the university offers its own need-based assistance. Funds for these programs are provided directly by the university as well as through donations and gifts to the university by many individuals, businesses and foundations. All students who apply for need-based aid and who demonstrate need are automatically considered for these funds. The CSS Profile is required to be considered for institutional funds.

Institutional Grants

University grants are based solely on demonstrated need. Amounts vary in accordance with need.

PACE Program

Elon created the PACE program in 2011, to respond to the need for more financial support and allocated institutional funds to provide campus employment for students selected for the program. The earnings eligibility is $3,000 per academic year. A limited number of PACE positions are available. Further details are available at

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