University Withdrawal


If for any reasons an undergraduate student concludes that he/she must leave the university on a temporary or permanent basis, he/she must confer with the Registrar’s Office (Alamance 102) to apply for a withdrawal and formalize plans. The student may apply for a leave of absence if the leave is due to specific hardship as outlined in the leave of absence policy. If a student needs to leave campus or miss class, but does not wish to request a leave or withdrawal for a full term, the student must make arrangements with individual faculty members. Permission to miss class is solely at the discretion of the faculty member/departmental policy and may be subject to review by the dean of the school. For students requesting medical leave, the Office of the Dean of Students will work with the student to secure medical documentation.

Students who withdraw from the university prior to the published date for dropping courses with a “W” will receive grades of “W”. If a student withdraws past this date in the term, faculty members will be requested to report the student progress in class at the time of withdrawal by indicating a “W” or “F” grade. That designation will be entered as the grade on the Official Transcript.

If a student’s medical or psychological condition is such that he or she cannot successfully complete the academic term, then he or she may apply for a medical leave of absence and withdrawal; from courses. A student who is granted a withdrawal for medical reasons will receive grades of “WD” for all coursework in progress at the time of the withdrawal. The official records of the student cannot be cleared until the withdrawal process is complete. A student may be required to remain on medical leave for specified number of terms.

Graduate students should consult with the appropriate Graduate Program Director regarding withdrawal procedures for those programs.

All students who withdraw from the institution must reapply for admission to the university. Readmission procedures may be found on the Admissions website.



Withdrawal Definitions

Course Withdrawal


A student drops a single course from his/her/their term schedule during the designated withdrawal period. Before the end of the drop/add period, the dropped course is simply deleted; after the drop/add period and up to the midpoint of that class, the dropped course is reflected on the official academic transcript as a ‘W.’ Tuition refunds are not given for individual course withdrawals.


University Withdrawal


A student drops all courses from his/her/their term schedule after the end of the drop/add period during the designated withdrawal period. A university withdrawal is reflected on the official academic transcript as a ‘W’ for each course. After the designated withdrawal period students will be assigned a “W” for each course the student is passing at the point of withdrawal and an “F” for each course the student is failing at the point of withdrawal. Students involved in an open student conduct investigation may only be granted a University Withdrawal once the investigation is completed and a decision rendered.


Medical Withdrawal


A student withdraws from all courses on their term schedule as a result of an inhibiting, debilitating, or otherwise incapacitating medical event after the drop/add period but before the last week of classes. A medical withdrawal is granted only upon satisfactory review of evidence of the medical event by the Office of the Dean of Students. A medical withdrawal is reflected on the official academic transcript as a ‘WD’ for each course. If a student has an open student conduct investigation, the investigation and student conduct process will continue unless the student contacts the Office of Student Conduct to request to withdraw in lieu of or pending a hearing.

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