Work at Other Institutions

Matriculated students who plan to take courses at other institutions must have prior written permission from the Registrar. The request to transfer credit form is available on the Office of the Registrar‘s website. Students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisors to review their academic planning prior to submitting the request to transfer credit form.

Each course is evaluated on an individual basis and must be approved prior to registration in order to assure credit will transfer.

A grade of “C-” or higher must be posted on the official transcript for each course in order for the credits in that course to transfer. Courses posted in an un-graded format, including but not limited to pass/fail, audit, or credit/no-credit, will not transfer. Grades do not transfer, only the credit hours will be posted to the Elon University transcript with no change to the Elon grade point average. A grade of “T” for transfer is used to indicate transcript credit accepted.

Credits will not transfer for a course in which the student has already earned credit hours at Elon. Students cannot transfer courses in which they have incurred an honor code “F” at Elon University.

If the course under consideration does not meet the specific requirement the student seeks to fulfill, he/she will be directed to the appropriate academic department chair.

Students transferring courses worth fewer than 4 credit hours must still meet the total semester hour requirements in the affected program area.

In addition to meeting all other graduation requirements students must: 1) earn a minimum of 132 total semester hours, 2) take a minimum of 60 total semester hours at Elon University, 3) take a minimum of 50% of the credits required for the major at Elon, 4) take the Integrative Core Capstone Seminar at Elon and, 5) take the capstone course in the major at Elon. 

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