The Master of Science in Business Analytics Program

The M.S. in Business Analytics program targets the needs of today’s globally competitive market. The program is AACSB accredited and STEM certified. You will learn the skills needed to be strong leader, an effective communicator, and fully capable of managing in a globally competitive market. The program will prepare you for a competitive career in the field of business analytics by mastering core business essentials such as marketing and management, while developing skills in predictive modeling, business data mining, data visualization and linear programming. You will learn how to manage and work effectively in teams and recognize the ethical issues and social changes that impact both your organizations and the communities in which you live.

The Elon M.S. in Business Analytics program can be taken as either full-time or part-time, depending on the needs of the individual student. Students electing to pursue the degree full-time can complete the course of study in one academic year. The program also accommodates the needs of working professionals, allowing students to schedule classes as their needs require. Either way, the M.S. in Business Analytics program enables students to acquire valuable skills that will give them a significant advantage in their careers.

The Elon M.S. in Business Analytics program is designed for innovators and problem solvers who want to effect change at all levels of business. Open to people from all educational and professional backgrounds, this program fits the career needs of both recent graduates and working professionals. This program reflects three recent changes in graduate business education. First, it reflects a growing market for specialized graduate business education, as compared to the more traditional, generalist approach taken in MBA programs. Second, whereas MBA programs require several years of work experience beyond the undergraduate degree, the M.S. in Business Analytics accommodates both the younger, newly graduated student with no or very little work experience as well as more experienced working professionals who are seeking advanced specialized business analytics skills. Third, it reflects the increasing reliance of companies on analysts who can transform data into actionable value-adding business decisions.

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