Outdoor Leadership and Education B.S.

The Outdoor Leadership & Education (OLE) Major is designed to provide the knowledge and necessary skills for individuals to design, facilitate, analyze, and assess a variety of outdoor experiential education programming in a variety of organizations and locations. OLE students develop transferable skills that apply to formal and informal education settings including national parks, natural science centers or museums, environmental policy organizations, and adventure-based learning outfitters.

Students can select from four different tracks/concentrations in the major: Environmental Emphasis (EE)Intra/Interpersonal (II)Learning and Leadership (LL); or Experiential Training and Consulting (ETC)

The OLE major utilizes principles, practices, and pedagogies of experiential education to design and facilitate group and individual development. Outdoor experiential education is based on active learning pedagogy and aims at supporting the growth, development, well-being, and agency of individuals, groups, and communities. The OLE major provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and operate socially just, equitable, and inclusive programming.  Students have the opportunity to graduate with a multitude of relevant work experience, certifications, and skills on their resumes. OLE is interdisciplinary in nature with options including courses in both the liberal arts and professional schools to make student more competitive after graduation.

The major supports a variety of professional disciplines. Each concentration offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, hands-on experience, and other opportunities designed to prepare students for a variety of positions post-graduation. Positions could include many different fields, including: formal or informal education (K-12, college and universities, academic or outdoor recreation, youth and/or adult programs, nonprofit programs): Adventure travel and tourism industry (working as adventure field guide or program director for eco-tours, travel companies, resorts or hotels and/or community centers): Nature interpreters/naturalists (state or national parks; Parks & Recreation directors; environmental educators, or in non-profits or private settings): Wilderness therapy field instructor (for therapeutic programs, or for at-risk youth): Experiential educators (challenge/ropes course leader; group facilitator; team building specialist for camps, organizations, corporations, park services, religious organization, local recreation and parks); Leadership development educator (diversity facilitator, nonprofit leaders).

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