Hoverboards, Skateboards, Scooters, and Skates

Only enrolled students, faculty and staff are permitted to rollerblade, skateboard and ride hoverboards on-campus. Dependents and guests must be accompanied by a student, faculty and staff member and assume all risks and liabilities. These activities are restricted to outdoor areas and are not allowed inside any University building; and grinding and rail sliding are not permitted at all. Due to fire safety concerns, hoverboards may not be used, charged or stored in any Elon owned, operated or leased building including  (but not limited to) residence halls,  academic buildings, dining halls,  the library, etc.

Those riding scooters, hoverboards, skateboards and rollerblades must yield the right of way and not disrupt pedestrians or vehicular traffic. Protective gear -- helmet, wrist guards, elbow and kneepads -- is highly recommended. The university reserves the right to immediately confiscate the hover board, skateboard or rollerblades of any person found violating this policy. All rollerblading, skateboarding and riding hoverboards and scooters is at the student/faculty/staff member’s risk, and the university assumes no liability for injury. Anyone possessing or riding skateboards, hoverboards, scooters or rollerblades will also be personally responsible for damage to property or injury to others. A violation of this policy may also be treated as an Honor Code violation and may be subject to adjudication by the Office of Student Conduct.

It is important to note that the Town of Elon prohibits skateboarding, rollerblading, riding scooters or hoverboards on town streets and sidewalks.

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