Smoking Policies and Tobacco Use

Elon University is a smoke free campus with respect to all facilities, except outdoor facilities. Smoking is not permitted within 30 feet of University Buildings or in Rhodes Stadium.

For purposes of this policy, smoking is defined as the act of lighting, smoking or carrying a lighted or smoldering cigar, cigarette or pipe of any kind, including vapor and electronic cigarettes.

This policy applies to:

  • Students;
  • Faculty and Staff;
  • Persons using vehicles owned or leased by the University;
  • Campus visitors including contractors, consultants, and temporary employees. Contractors are expected to designate smoking areas on their work sites, to be approved by the university; and
  • Employees of companies contracted to work at University such as dining services, the bookstore, etc.

It is expected that individuals who smoke will show concern for the neatness of the area and put smoking-related waste in proper receptacles provided for that purpose. Personal safety measures should be followed at all times.

The success of this policy depends upon the consideration, and cooperation of both smokers and non-smokers. All members of the Elon University community share in the responsibility of adhering to and enforcing this policy.

All forms of tobacco and nicotine use carry health risks. More information about those risks are available at the Centers for Disease Control Website. Those who choose to use smokeless tobacco or other products are required to do so in a manner that may not infringe on the rights of others. Information about smoking and tobacco use cessation efforts and resources are available at Tobacco Cessation.

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