Formal Conduct Procedures

Overview of the Process

The Office of Student Conduct views its role in the administration of the honor system as one of both ensuring fairness and providing an educational opportunity for the student. This approach protects the campus community by providing a process and system of outcomes that are educational and holds students accountable for violating the Code of Conduct. Outcomes are assigned to encourage the growth and development of students and support the practice of responsible behavior in a community. This educational approach requires a need for understanding and self-discipline on the part of the student as well as a respect for the rights and privileges of others.

The basic philosophy and principles that guide the honor system at Elon University are:

  • The student conduct process is necessary and effective when it holds students accountable for behaviors that violate the Code of Conduct, furthers the learning experience and success of a student, and/or provides protections for the community of which they are a member.
  • When action responding to potential Code of Conduct violations becomes necessary, that action should be handled expeditiously and thoroughly.
  • The hearing process typically includes a preliminary review/inquiry, a conference with students responding to potential violations of the Code of Conduct, a hearing, and a resolution.
  • Consideration will be given to all available and credible information relevant to the case. This is to ensure that a fair process and appropriate consideration are extended to all students.

It should be noted that not all situations are of the same severity or complexity. Thus, these procedures are flexible, and are not exactly the same in every situation, though consistency in similar situations is a priority.


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