Process for Academic Integrity Code of Conduct Policies

Elon faculty members who suspect a student or students of violating academic policies will schedule an appointment with the student(s) (either individually or as a group, to be determined by the professor). During the initial meeting with the student, the professor explains the basis of the academic policy charge and shares any supporting information. The purpose of this meeting is to make sure the student understands the reason for the charges, the student’s rights and responsibilities in the process, and the possible consequences of responsibility. This initial meeting is not for the student to challenge the charges or attempt to negotiate sanctions. The student signs a form (or indicates in writing) indicating that they do or do not accept responsibility for the violation.

If the student accepts responsibility, the professor assigns any course related sanctions and forwards the paperwork to the assistant provost for communications and operations (or designee) who assigns institutional outcomes. If the charged student denies any misconduct, the case is referred to the Elon Honor Board and the assistant provost or designee convenes the hearing.

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